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Hey! Thanks for visiting - I am updating my main website to incorporate various projects. I will still have my personal blog, but I will also have a section for specific articles and other in depth writings. Eventually more videos, too. “Catch on fire with enthusiasm and people will come for miles to watch you burn.” - I am starting to realize that when you can light the desire to create, that somehow balances the inclination towards mindless consumerism. Create the culture and the life, the future you want to be around - and empower others to do so, too. I think that will be part of my co-opted New Year Resolution. - Jesse

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Joseph Ducreux

Joseph Ducreux And Experimental Artistry.

  You’ve got to hand it to someone who can have fun and be innovative. Wiki: “His less formal portraits show an interest in expanding the range of facial expressions beyond those of official portraiture.” Way to go, Joseph Ducreux.   ‘

Judging - Rational | Socionics

Rational + Perceiving Animated Gifs | Socionics

Not sure where these originally came from, but they are very interesting / useful GIFs. There is a particular nature that rational and irrational items operate, and you can see this in terms of what takes precedence in someone’s functional alignment. A rational type has a rational function (P L R E / Te Ti Fi […]

feminism equality

If You Are A Feminist, How Do You Get A Boyfriend

I’m lovin’ it. *insert discussion about feminism & equality beyond gender roles, semantics, etc*   – Jesse  

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